md5 encrypt / md5 generator tool

Encode any text to md5 hash with this md5 generator powered by restful API.

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md5 decrypt online tool

Ultra fast md5 decrypt online tool with over 64 milion hashes in our database.

md5 to text

sha1 encryption tool

Encode text to sha1 hash, a very popular 160-bit hashing algorithm.

text to sha1

sha1 decrypt tool

Reverse lookup of over 64 milion passwords with powerful sha1 decrypt tool.

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sha256 online encoding tool

Encode text to sha256 hash, a very strong hashing algorithm.

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sha256 online decoder

Online tool with free powerful restfull API.

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sha512 online encoder

Encode text to sha512 hash, a very strong hashing algorithm.

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sha512 online decoding tool

Decode sha512 hash of most common passwords, we've computed 12GB of hashed passwords exposed as restful API with double digtit millisecods response time.

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